I’ve worked closely with Dan for about six years between my time at TWC/Spectrum & now Comcast. Dan carries the digital experience needed to help any team win. From the RFP stage, trafficking, optimizations, etc. Dan proves to be a consistent asset to his organization. He was often my go to call when I needed a partner on the other end to help my team, and I succeed. Dan has a fantastic rapport with his clients, and it’s clear how well respected he is when he speaks in a room. With his relentless talents, adaptability, dedication, and knowledge of the digital space. I highly would recommend Dan to any organization.

Demitri Nikolaou

Sr. Manager, Media & Entertainment at Comcast


Dan was my supervisor for close to 3 years. His extensive knowledge of the media landscape and hands-on management style made working with him a pleasure and a fantastic learning experience for me. I’m confident that Dan could help you succeed in any of your digital and management needs!

Maya Lippert

Programming Media Buyer at A4 Media


I asked Dan to assist the marketing department of our independent medical laboratory. In a short timeframe, without breaking the bank, his insight, analysis and recommendations resulted in concrete, substantive improvement in sales. Through individual sessions, ride-a-longs and group interactions, Dan provided the expertise to enhance the confidence of sales and marketing reps just as described on the Xperiencenow.com web site. Dan met with IT staff and the Marketing Committee where he provided consultation and practical expertise that allowed staff to completely overhaul our website. Dan is a knowledgeable resource who works miracles without ruffling feathers. He deserves my highest recommendation.

Kimball Thompson, MD



“Dan was always a pleasure to work with and was great with my team. He not only provided subject matter expertise but he was/is an inspirational leader. I’d work with Dan again in a heartbeat.”

Dave Chase,


Dan was one of the very first colleagues I met in the Digital Media space and his core values have made a long lasting impact throughout our time working together.

His understanding of business verticals, data process and people is a rarity in the digital industry.

Dan’s approach to media is a catalyst for not just revenue KPIs but professional and personal growth.

I recommend Dan to any business seeking a human approach to an ever changing internet landscape.

Andrew Alcott

Media Revenue Operations and Strategy Management, Hulu


“Dan is a whiz when it comes to ad sales and sales training. He’s been incredibly helpful to us.”

Geoff Dougherty,


“”I highly recommend Dan Adams, as a business consultant.

He is the first consultant that I have worked with that provided a three levels of assistance.

First, he evaluated our current pricing and marketing strategy. Then proceeded to make recommendations based on his experience. Second, he provided the sales staff with new tools to take to market with extremely competitive pricing. During the sales presentations he was able to adapt to every unique situation with ease. Finally, he continued to follow up to be sure the goal of the sales blitz was achieved.

The sales team and I received the most valuable type of training, true infield coaching and development.

Bliss Communications, Janesville WI”

Shar Hermanson,


“Dan was a key contributor to the success of our interactive sales programs. He provided excellent training to my staff, both in the classroom and on the road. The counsel he provided me was extremely helpful. He represented my company as if it were his own, and for that I endorse him and would hire him again.”

Shawn Palmer,


“Dan provided great insight and working knowledge from start to finish on our website project. He interacted with clients in a respectful and knowledgeable way.”

Richard Dixon,


“I had the pleasure of working with Dan on local sales blitzes in Philadelphia. Dan is a true professional, who is very knowledgeable about local advertising and was able to help us drive results for our interactive division.
He has the ability to connect with the local print sales reps, helping them to understand how to present and sell online to their advertisers.
I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for an expert in local media advertising who can deliver results. He also happens to be a cool dude!

Liz Johnson”


“Dan is an experienced professional. He has extensive product knowledge and knows how to help others with the online sales process. He knows when to let salespeople progress on their own and has a good sense of when to jump in and save a deal.

I highly recommend Dan and his company!”

Ron Welby,


“Dan was very easy to work with and transitioned smoothly into our team. His interactions with our existing client base were seemless which is extremely useful when selling a product. He has a deep and vast knowledge of his field.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dan.
Louise Walker,
Snowmass Sun.”

Louise Walker,


“Dan is a first rate interactive sales expert. From training and coaching to developing data driven presentations that close deals with local interactive advertisers. I trust Dan with my reps or out in the field representing my products.”

Michael MaLoon,


“Dan has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource for our company so much so that I consider him a partner with our business.”

Graham Danzoll,


“With Dan’s help we increased our internet revenues by over 1,000% in two years. That number speaks for itself and not only would I recommend Dan, I will be hiring him again in the future!”

Lance Fahrney,


“Dan is a great individual to work with. He is very knowledgeable in online sales and has a proven track record of success throughout the US.

In the first week Dan and his counterpart were with our group, we generated close to 120K in new online revenue for the year.

I would recommend his services to anyone looking to increase online revenue.”

Scott Reyes,


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan Adams in four different locations, most recently as a partner on a business venture, and the clearest recommendation I can give is this: I’d be happy to work with him again.

Dan has a glass-half-full approach to even the most difficult problems — and that optimism helps define his success in business. He is focused on moving ahead and building on the positives of a situation, not dwelling on the past or the problems. He is genuinely interested in people and in how to make their business and personal lives more successful.

He has built up knowledge and expertise in advertising and general management, but is anxious to learn more and curious about how things work (or don’t work). He isn’t afraid to do the grunt work or just lend a hand to a friend. And with Dan, everyone is a friend.”

David Stoeffler,


“I’ve been working digital product development and digital sales for 15 years. In that time, I have never met a person who is better at understanding people, helping clients find a smooth and effective path forward with their digital marketing strategy. He’s solid and smart and most of all he’s dedicated to the end. Nobody will work harder or smarter for a client or partner than Dan Adams. Nobody.
Some talk a good game. Dan walks the idea into reality.”

Jeff Herr,