The Value of Hiring Xperiencenow

As organizations have moved into the digital world, most strategies have been cobbled together over time. Moreover, decision makers often find their knowledge limited when staff, agencies or vendors provide them digital marketing opportunities. Without guidance or knowledge, businesses may be missing out on competitive opportunities or overspending in areas which doesn’t reflect their business strategy or goals.

Since 2006, we have assisted hundreds of:

  • Individuals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Political Candidates
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Private/Public Companies

With fresh perspective, objectivity, and specific knowledge in digital media, traditional media, health care and management.  

From small neighborhood shops to large media companies, offers four types of guidance & expert insights – all tailored specifically to you:

          •   Individual Learning

          •   Group Based Learning

          •   Audit & Actions

Individual Learning begins with a 1-2 hour private session. The meeting generally is defined by you, based on your current knowledge, goals, questions that are most important at the time. This meeting is designed to let you learn and ask the questions you always wanted to know but didn’t want to really ask. Examples of past questions include: What is RTB and Programmatic? How does it work?, Where does 3rd party data come from?, How does retargeting work? What is the difference between a DSP and SSP? What about CTV and OTT. What are the true Fraud and Viewability metrics? Is CTR something I should use as a metric? How should I be looking at my Google Analytics? After the session, a personal action plan will be developed based on your goals and objectives identified.

Group Based Learning is typically provided in smaller groups of 3-8. The overall agenda is similar to above but developed collaboratively in the first meeting, based on needs, concerns, questions and opportunities. Generally there are 3-5 follow up sessions designed around individual and company needs and strategies. We have also developed large scale seminars & webinars for sales training, customer events, new product rollouts and tailored Political strategies for media companies.

Audit & Actions are a combination of internal and external fact finding missions. Basically, he will help you develop or verify your direction & strategy through an outsiders view. Typically an agency, sales vendor or high level employee may have certain bias towards the product or service they use and/or have a relationship with. Our goal is to be agnostic in your evaluation and give you the best possible direction based on your identified strategy. Audit & Actions are customized to your needs but typically could include:

    • Comprehensive analysis of your digital/media efforts (what works and what doesn’t and why).
    • Assessment of your competitors digital/media efforts.
    • Website assessment and evaluation.
    • SWOT analysis of your digital landscape.
    • Advertising agreement evaluation(s).
    • Vendor and Resources recommendations.

Contact Information:

Sales (email) 563.723.1753